Advancing School Mental Health in the State Budget

One in five students arrives at school with a diagnosable mental health concern that affects their ability to learn. WAFCA Executive Director Linda Hall looks at how the Governor’s Budget has promised support for Children & Families:

Moving Forward on Mental Health

School-based mental health. The commitment of $6 million in new resources for school-based mental health will enable additional schools across the state adopt proven, effective models for increasing access to preventive and treatment services. Bringing mental health professionals into schools gives teachers greater access to mental and behavioral expertise to improve the learning environment and promote success for all.

Building Strong Youth and Families

Home visiting. Evidence-based home visitation programs across the state are delivering real dividends. The Governor’s commitment of $3.9 million will sustain existing services and lay the foundation for further growth in more regions of the state.

Child protection. The addition of over $6 million in child and family aids for counties is a recognition of the state’s partnership role in child protection. These resources help counties secure safety for children at risk and help parents address their challenges, such as addiction, as they prepare to reunify with their children.

Rate increases for foster and kinship care. Foster parents and kinship care providers are among Wisconsin’s most important natural resources. These families step up to provide a safe, nurturing, healing environment for children who have suffered trauma and loss. The proposed increases of 2.5% in the basic rate for these homes is a respectful acknowledgement of the ever-increasing costs of caring for children.

 WAFCA looks forward to working with policymakers in the coming months to further build on these and other  community investments that will enable all Wisconsin children, youth and families to develop to their fullest human potential.”  -WAFCA Executive Director Linda Hall .