DPI School Reopening Resources

The Department of Public Instruction has released a list of resources to address mental health and Social Emotional Learning needs as districts plan for school reopening.  Many of these types of tools are embedded in larger guidance documents. The DPI mental health team did some digging and curated this list.  Some are directed towards students […]

CASEL releases SEL Roadmap for Reopening School

As you prepare to welcome students and adults back to school, you face the layered impact of schools closures, the pandemic, racial inequities amplified by nationwide mobilization, and more. To aid you in this transition, CASEL collaborated with more than 40 partners to illuminate a way forward with social and emotional learning that is centered on relationships and […]

Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention Grants – Application Opens in July

Starting in July 2020, high schools in Wisconsin are eligible to apply for peer-to-peer suicide prevention grants through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Grants are available for public, private, and tribal high schools. Grants may be up to $1,000 per school and may be renewed up to three times. As you consider the opportunity […]

DPI Student Services/Prevention & Wellness and COVID-19 Webpage

Many of you have benefited from the support of the DPI SSPW team throughout this challenging time. For those who have not connected with the SSPW resources, this webpage provides a range of resources relevant to Student Services/Prevention and Wellness including Safe Schools, Pupil Services, School Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA), Health Education, and Expanded […]

Office of Children’s Mental Health – Building Social and Emotional Skills

This month the Office of Children’s Mental Health released a new fact sheet focused on building children’s social and emotional skills and what our communities can do to increase these skills.  Highlights include:  Over 80% of parents and teachers, as well as most high school students think it’s important to prioritize social and emotional programming in childcare settings […]

DPI Launches New Resource Page on SMH Referral Pathways

Having a clear referral pathway that is understood and implemented by staff can make the difference in ensuring students get access to the services they need. The School Mental Health Referral Pathways webpage contains resources and tools to help your district create an effective process for identifying students and connecting them to the services they need. […]