Coalition members speak at Medicaid Reform and Oversight Committee Assembly on Clinical Consultation Code

On May 22nd, the Assembly Committee on Medicaid Reform and Oversight held a hearing on AB 192 relating to Mental Health Clinical Consultations for Students under Medicaid. This bill, that the Coalition has been advocating for would allow school therapists to be paid for consultations with parents. In addition, it would remove the June 30th sunset date attached to it in the 2017-19 state budget.

Our lead sponsor in the Assembly, Rep. Rohrkaste, led off with speaking to the bill’s provisions and answering the Committee’s questions. He was followed by 5 speakers from the Coalition testifying to the importance of consultation payment and telling stories of how consultation is enhancing students’ mental health treatment.

A recording of the Committee’s hearing is available online. The section on AB 192 begins 1:04:50 with Rep. Rohrkaste’s testimony.

It was a good day for clinical consultations for students. The Committee was engaged. Our Coalition speakers were fabulous!