DPI School Reopening Resources

The Department of Public Instruction has released a list of resources to address mental health and Social Emotional Learning needs as districts plan for school reopening.  Many of these types of tools are embedded in larger guidance documents. The DPI mental health team did some digging and curated this list.  Some are directed towards students and families and some towards staff.

Assessing student mental health and SEL needs during the pandemic and school opening

For Families and Community:

Tools for Educators to listen and learn from families.


Interview and survey your community about the path forward


COVID 19 Check-in survey for students



For Educators:

Educator Resilience and Trauma-informed Self Care Self-assessment and Planning Tool


Educator Stress Spectrum 


Relationship Mapping Tool: Ensure everyone had a strong connection to someone 


Supporting Student Resilience and Well-Being with Trauma-Informed Care Educator Self-Assessment & Planning Tool