Joint Finance Committee Approves Funding for School Mental Health Grants

The Coalition for Expanding School-Based Mental Health in Wisconsin celebrates the Joint Finance Committee’s August 28th action to increase funding for school mental health beyond the Governor’s budget initiatives.

The Joint Finance Committee approved $3.25 million for school mental health grants (up $750,000 from the Governor’s budget) along with the text proposed by the Coalition regarding how the grants are to be administered. Finally, the motion added $610,000 ($250,000 GPR; $360,000 FED) to fund the MA clinical consultation benefit.

Read more about that action here and get a close look at press statements by both the Coalition and WAFCA which were published today, August 29, 2017.

8.29.17 Coalition Celebrates JFC Support for Student Mental Health

8.29.17 WAFCA Commends JFC Action to Support Student Mental Health