Support School Mental Health! Contact Governor Walker

Dear School Mental Health Supporter:

The Coalition for Expanding School-Based Mental Health in Wisconsin is celebrating the Joint Finance Committee’s action to increase funding for school mental health in the state budget.

The Committee approved $3.25 million for school mental health grants (up $750,000 from the Governor’s budget) along with the text proposed by the Coalition regarding how the grants are to be administered. Finally, the motion added $610,000 ($250,000 GPR; $360,000 FED) to fund the MA clinical consultation benefit.

These are significant measures that can have a real impact on students in Wisconsin. This success will only become reality if these provisions are retained by the Governor when he signs the budget.

We encourage you to make a call or drop an email to the Governor’s office as soon as possible, sharing your support for these school mental health provisions.

A draft email/letter is attached for your reference as is the Coalition’s press release celebrating the Joint Finance Committee’s passage of the grant program.

Thank you for taking time to contact the Governor’s office.  Please let me know if you have any questions and please copy  on any communication with the Governor’s office on this issue.