A statewide coalition whose mission is to advance and support expanded, comprehensive and integrated mental health services within the school setting through school, home, and community partnerships.

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Coalition members speak at Medicaid Reform and Oversight Committee Assembly on Clinical Consultation Code (5/24/2019) - https://wiseye.org/2019/05/22/assembly-committee-on-medicaid-reform-and-oversight/ On May 22nd, the Assembly Committee on Medicaid Reform and Oversight held a hearing on AB 192 relating to… ...read more
CASEL releases SEL Roadmap for Reopening School (7/23/2020) - As you prepare to welcome students and adults back to school, you face the layered impact of schools closures, the… ...read more
Innovative Practices Committee sponsors July 17 online Presentation Telehealth: Our New Reality (6/18/2020) - https://www.schoolmentalhealthwisconsin.org/event/telehealth-our-new-reality/ ...read more
Medicaid/CHIP Provider Relief Fund Payment Forms and Guidance (6/18/2020) - In case you did not see the information released by DHS on June 9,> federal HHS expects to distribute $15… ...read more
Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention Grants – Application Opens in July (6/18/2020) - Starting in July 2020, high schools in Wisconsin are eligible to apply for peer-to-peer suicide prevention grants through the Wisconsin… ...read more
DPI Student Services/Prevention & Wellness and COVID-19 Webpage (6/18/2020) - Many of you have benefited from the support of the DPI SSPW team throughout this challenging time. For those who… ...read more
Harvard Center for the Developing Child “The Brain Architects” Podcast (6/18/2020) - Visit the website for the Harvard Center for the Developing Child to access a series of COVID-19 focused podcasts in… ...read more
Office of Children’s Mental Health – Building Social and Emotional Skills (6/18/2020) - This month the Office of Children's Mental Health released a new fact sheet focused on building children’s social and emotional skills and what… ...read more
DPI Launches New Resource Page on SMH Referral Pathways (6/18/2020) - Having a clear referral pathway that is understood and implemented by staff can make the difference in ensuring students get… ...read more
Protests and Resources for Talking to Students (6/18/2020) - As all of us continue to work our way though this difficult and painful time, it's hard  to know where to start… ...read more
Call for Applications: Wisconsin Zero Suicide Training (3/5/2020) - Mental Health America of Wisconsin, with support through a grant from the Division of Care and Treatment Services, is accepting… ...read more

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